Monday, July 12, 2010

plug your nose and eat it

So in my pregnancy research I discovered that "Morning sickness" is not just nausea and throwing up, it's also heartburn and food aversion. Yup that's right now adding to my lack of motivation food sounds like the worst thing ever. To combat this I've been eating goldfish one at a time and fight the urge to spit it out(or go throw up). After I eat so many, the aversion goes away and I can eat other things. The one thing I can seem to always eat is beef jerky. While everything else sounds as appealing as eating dirt, jerky sounds like eating manna from heaven. I ate 3 bags last week alone. Baby like jerky and that's ok because mommy likes jerky too.


  1. Good job, little Momma! l,,l/

  2. Might I recommend some bland homemade pizza? I have a recipe that worked for me, if you're interested.